Jay Jesús Molino was born in Panama in 1985. He received a BSc in 2007 from John Brown University and his Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo in 2014, followed by a year at the Daiguji Lab for Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department, the University of Tokyo, as a postdoctoral Research Scientist. Later became a professor of Physics at the Universidad Especializada de las Américas in Panamá since 2016. He is currently the dean of the Faculty of Biosciences and Public Health at the Universidad Especializada de las Américas, a Senior Member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBS) and Member of the National Research System (SNI) in Panama. In addition to his research activities, Dr. Molino is a strong advocate for the democratization of science and technology, is the author of two books, father of a young scientist and passionate about legos and amateur rocketry.


Start Of A New Path


Dr. Molino´s research collaborations focus on the investigation of micro/nanocarriers, interfacial processes polymer physics. Biomolecules, biological rheology, and applied research in medical engineering and social dynamics. His work encompasses the understanding of self-assembled structures, development of analytical theories and, most recently, theoretical simulations, to a wide range of relevant systems.


Early steps

Dr. Molino´s work has assisted in the development of engineering chemical data relevant to manufacturing processes. Furthermore, recently, in conjunction with several other colleagues, he is working on finding solutions to mitigate the impact and proliferation of SARS-CoV-2 and other diseases.



It has been a medley. My scientific carreer was molded by several outstanding individuals championing for the collective good: Einstein, Plank, Newton, Pascal, Feynman, Frank Blume, Ken French, Leo Setian,, Fumio Takermura and Hirofumi Daiguji.

 Indeed both of my parents fostered my curiosity, a thrilling cornestone. 


His Latest Works